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The Problem

The Navigation is taking up a lot of valuable real estate. Certain parts of the application will be separated into optional add-ons and the navigation in it’s current form will not work.

Defined Goals (HMW)

How might we…

Create a navigation experience

For the user

To provide a great experience navigating the app regardless of their role

By simplifying the navigation and keeping it off screen once a user has entered an account, opportunity etc.

So that the real estate the current nav is taking up can instead display important data that the users need based on what they are looking for.

The Research

After surveying our users we found that users that are members of the sales team journey consists of logging in and then immediately going into an account. They then usually stay in that account for an extended period of time and have no need to enter back into the main navigation. We also surveyed the users and found the majority of users are familiar with the hamburger navigation and find it easy to use.

The Solution

Presented the solution to create a slideout navigation that will be consistent from desktop to mobile. The nav items will drill down from the main 5 items (Sales, Marketing, Analytics, Calendar, and Dashboard) This will free up the real estate allowing me to rework the account and subpages and move important data above the fold. We will also put a ticket in for a future project to create a search field that can search across all sales data to pull up a specific account, opportunity, contact or project within the users permission settings.

The Solution User Interface

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