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The Problem

The current calendar is not mobile friendly and there is no easy way to see a daily planner from the day selected. The user also cannot create a task instead of an event. The user currently doesn't have a way to hide completed tasks/events.

Defined Goals (HMW)

How might we…

Create a calendar experience

For the user

To provide a great experience creating events, modifying events, view agenda regardless of the device they are using

By adding a daily agenda scrolling view to the calendar and adding a mobile friendly way to add, update and delete events.

So that the user can quickly see the most important events and details on the fly and also easily update when on mobile and away from the desk.

The Research

Users focused more on daily tasks than those further out but also liked to see an overview of the events in the coming days.

The Solution

Add an agenda view that allows them to see a schedule for the day while still allowing them to see a month view. On mobile we will create a tap to see the days events that can be updated and completed with a tap.

The Solution User Interface

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